About us

Farm My School is a not-for-profit organisation which collaborates with schools to transform their underutilised grounds into regenerative farms that nourish, educate and connect communities.

Our Purpose

Inspired by a vision of a healthier future for our communities and planet, we're redefining how farming and food production can shape education, inspire, and foster stronger connections within communities. 

Our unique approach goes beyond farming - it’s about transforming the way we educate, engage and consume food. 

The model

A regenerative farm educating, nourishing and connecting communities

The farm serves as an outdoor learning classroom, offering diverse opportunities including:

Inquiry-based and cross-curricular learning

Our curriculum development is centred around nurturing young minds. We guide students on a journey to discover how to grow food, delve into ecosystem stewardship, and explore the art of cooking. Our approach spans various subjects, fostering inquiry-based and cross-curricular learning that fulfils STEM/STEAM outcomes.

Promoting health and wellbeing

We prioritise health and wellbeing, boosting students’ confidence, resilience and self-esteem. We encourage students, families and neighbours to embrace life-long patterns of healthy eating and food literacy.

Volunteering and leadership development

Students engage in volunteering, leadership development, future job skills training and community building experience that prepare them for a bright future.

Enhancing school-community collaborations

Our program fosters increased school-community collaborations, leading to healthy and engaged relationships.

Farmer incubator program

Our Farmer Incubator Program is dedicated to training the next generation of regenerative farmers and will involve developing, certifying and delivering Vocational Education via a Regenerative Farming subject to school based trainees.

Farm My School Pilot

Bellarine Secondary College, Drysdale Campus

The Farm My School (FMS) pilot program at Bellarine Secondary College (Drysdale Campus), aims to enhance their horticultural program, establish sustainability initiatives, and integrate regenerative farming into the curriculum.

In its first 12 months, FMS successfully engaged the community, introduced hands-on learning, and cultivated a regenerative market garden.


Our founders

Ben and James planted the seeds for the Farm My School program in 2018. Their journey of working in the food industry inspired them to co-design an innovative solution to challenge the current state of the globalised food system.

Ben and James’ combined experience in permaculture, education and supporting community resilience became the driving force behind Farm My School.

Our team comprises experts from diverse backgrounds, including food security, environmental conservation and business.