Schools that feed their communities

Schools that feed their communities

Schools that feed their communities

Farm My School is a groundbreaking model of food education that transforms unused land within schools into regenerative market gardens that feed, educate and connect communities.

Our approach goes beyond farming

There is a growing recognition of the need to reorient food systems so that they address food insecurity and environmental degradation. Communities are the key to localising food in an equitable way. Schools provide a unique opportunity to engage children, families and communities in promoting healthy food systems.

Inspired by a vision of a healthier future for our communities and planet, we're redefining how farming and food production can shape education, inspire, and foster stronger connections within communities.


Our Partners & Supporters

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Join us in changing the global food education model, right in your own backyard. 

We form strong partnerships with teachers, students, farmers and local businesses, working together to establish thriving neighbourhood hubs for education and community growth - to drive meaningful change and make a lasting impact.


Our Pilot Program

Bringing food production back into the heart of our communities - our Pilot Program at Bellarine Secondary College (Drysdale Campus).

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This project is about education and engagement and being able to embed sustainable regenerative farming practices into our curriculum. It's giving our students great insights into food production.

Wayne Johannesen (Bellarine Secondary College principal)

Imagine a school that can feed its community. A farm built within a school.